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New Release!!! Kerensa - Hammering Home

Kerensa - Hammering Home    (2021)

13 tracks. Some of my favorite tunes, following my journey from my teenage years when I first fell in love with this amazing instrument, through to returning home to Cornwall

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Charity Release   Leski - Live at the Compton

Leski LIVE - Kerensa (Hammered Dulcimer) / Richard Trethewey (Fiddle / vocals) & Steve Hunt (Guitar / Vocals)     (2020)

All proceeds from this album will be donated directly to Active8, an amazing charity that work to support and challenge young people with disabilities across Cornwall

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Kerensa Hammered Dulcimer - Totally Hammered

Kerensa - Totally Hammered     (2003)

Kerensa's first solo album, released in 2003. 12 tracks.


"Truly, I'll never get tired of hearing this CD. Just like a new friend, it grew more pleasurable and familiar to my heart every time I slid it in the player drawer. This, her debut album, should be the beginning of a fruitful recording career." - Rambles Magazine

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Leski are: Kerensa (Hammered Dulcimer / Vocals) & Richard Trethewey (Fiddle / Octave Violin / Vocals)     (2008)

This album features Steve Hunt (Guitar / Crowdy Crawn) , Simon Lockley (Guitar), Dave Bowen (Percussion), Lucy Huzzard (Harmony Vocals / Cloggs), Julia Ross (Flute), Carmen Hunt & Karen Brown (Scoots)

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